What to Expect After You Have Male Breast Reduction Surgery

The choice to have male breast reduction surgery can be a good one if you are a man who has enlarged breasts that you are very self-conscious about. This condition, known as gynecomastia, can be very distressing to a male. If you keep your shirt on at the beach for fear of what other people will say or think then having the plastic surgery procedure can make you feel so much better about how you look. If you do go ahead with the male breast reduction operation then there will be a recuperation period afterward that comprises a normal aspect of the healing process. While no two patients of this surgery will necessarily have all of the same after effects, it is normal to experience bruising and swelling following the operation. The bruising may be minimal or it may be much more intense. This varies from one person to another. It may start out as one color and then change to another color, and maybe even yet another color. You may notice that the intensity of it will increase over the first three to four days after the male breast reduction procedure. It will then gradually begin to lessen and will turn a yellowish color before it fades altogether. It may take up to two to three weeks to fade completely. You should not expose your chest to the sun during the first week or two after you have been operated on. If you do then you open yourself up to the potential for permanent discoloration of the skin. If the area around the incision site swells then it may be diffuse in nature or it may be more localized. If the swelling you experience is diffuse then you can treat the area gingerly and use cold compresses for the first two days after the reduction operation and then warm compresses after that. If you experience a minimal amount of swelling that is localized then you really require no treatment for it at all. What you need to do is to make sure that you follow the instructions that you were given by the plastic surgeon. If you experience severe swelling following the procedure, such as a hematoma or a seroma then you should seek immediate medical attention. Extreme swelling around the breast is a sign that there is a problem. Do not delay in calling the doctor for help.

After male breast reduction surgery takes place you must remain at home and keep yourself in a restful state for the first three to fours days post-op. You do not necessarily have to lie in bed for days but you cannot carry on with your regular day-to-day activities. You can sit in a chair in your living room and watch television or movies or sit and read a book but you must only do things that are restful and relaxing and do not require a great deal of movement. Your wounds need adequate time to heal.

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