Breast Augmentation: Tips For a Safe Recovery

So, you have made the decision to get a breast augmentation. You have
done your research found your surgeon and completed your consultation.
After a lot of planning and decision making, your day has come. It is
normal to look past the recovery process and imagine the actual results,
but you must be aware of the post-surgical recovery period. Taking your
doctor’s advice and taking good care of yourself will get you back to
your normal daily routine as soon as possible.

Recovery Time

The actual recovery time for any surgery varies from person to
person, and that is no different for breast augmentation. Most likely
you will experience a post-surgical recovery period of 24-48 hours plus a
period of 5 days where you will be advised to take it easy. It is very
normal for post-surgery patients to experience soreness and swelling for
a few weeks. Your doctor will give you various instructions about
caring for your body following surgery. However, be sure to ask your own
specific questions including those such as what kind of pain
medications, both oral and applied, stitches, dressing/ bandages, and a
timeline of when you can resume normal activity and exercise.

Following Surgery

Once you return and settle in your hotel, you will notice that your
breasts are a bit higher and firmer. This is to be expected and not a
cause for concern. Over time, usually, in about two months your breasts
will soften and settle. It is also worth noting that, while it is no
cause for concern, it is common for one breast to settle before the
other. More than likely your surgeon will advise you to apply ice packs
on your chest for the first 48 hours following surgery.

It is critical to keep the incision dry, do
not let any liquids or creams settle in the incision as it can cause
irritation and inflammation. During your recovery, you will be taking
antibiotics prescribed by your doctor, be sure to complete the entire
prescription. Check your temperature from time to time to be certain
that you do not have a fever, which could be a sign of an infection.

Avoid Strenuous Activity

It is common to want to get back to the daily routine right away, but
in order to have the best recovery, you should take it easy. Remember
to refrain from any kind strenuous activity for the first week after
your breast augmentation surgery. Avoid bending over or stretching for
at least one week following surgery. And, while it may be difficult,
sleeping in an upright position can assist in a faster recovery,
sleeping on your stomach is not advised for at least 14 days following
breast augmentation surgery. Exercising, such as weight lifting after
surgery is ill-advised for at least 4 weeks and it is good to get your
doctors opinion about when is the right time to resume such a routine.

Following your doctors, instructions very carefully are truly the
best thing you can do for yourself. Recovery from any surgery can be
unpleasant, but after the swelling and pain subside you can get back to
your daily life better than ever with a renewed sense of confidence.

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