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About Breast Augmentation, Implants and More

About Breast Augmentation
Once you have selected a physician to conduct your breast augmentation, your doctor will give you specific steps to prepare for surgery. Throughout the process, they will offer you guidance on the types of questions to ask and information to gather so that you remain informed and confident about your decision.

Before having breast enlargement surgery
While each person is different, patients often must make changes to their behaviors in several ways prior to surgery. Quitting smoking before and after the surgery is almost always required because smoking restricts the amount of oxygen used by your muscles to repair and heal. If you cannot completely quit for two or more weeks before and after surgery, you may not be a good candidate for breast augmentation.  

You should give your doctor a full and complete medical history to prepare for your upcoming surgery. It is especially important to provide details of all the prescription drugs and herbal remedies you take. You may have to stop taking certain supplements or change your prescriptions for a time before surgery. Prior to your surgery, you will have a consultation with the surgeon you have selected to discuss your overall health as well as your expectations about the results of the breast enlargement. Your doctor may recommend you have a baseline mammogram before the procedure to make sure your breasts are healthy.  

About implants
There are various types of implants that can be used, and your doctor will discuss the pros and cons of each type of implant with you. Here is some general information about implants that you can discuss in detail with your doctor. Breast implants come in two types: saline or silicone. Both also come in two basic shapes: round or teardrop in either smooth or textured forms. Your surgeon will discuss your preferences for overall appearance, size, and feel, so you can select the implant that can give you the shape you want.

  • Saline breast implants are silicone shells filled with sterile salt water called saline. If the implant were to leak, the saline would be absorbed naturally by the body while the implant shell would deflate.
  • Silicone implants are silicone shells filled with a plastic gel called silicone. If the implant were to leak, either the gel would remain in the shell or it would leak into the implant pocket of the breast.

It is a matter of personal opinion as to which type of implant feels more natural. Smooth implants are softer than textured implants, but textured implants are less likely to move around inside the breast or to get repositioned. Again, your surgeon will help you select what is best for you.

Fat transfer augmentation
For women who are looking for a small increase in breast size, a fat transfer augmentation may be a good option. Liposuction is used to remove fat from other body parts (an advantage of this procedure!) and injected into the breasts for a more natural looking result.  It is a less expensive and less invasiveprocedure than breast augmentation.  Ask your doctor if fat transfer augmentation is an option for you.

Overview of the breast augmentation procedure
The breast enlargement procedure usually takes place on an outpatient basis in a surgical suite, clinic, or hospital. First, the doctor administers either general anesthesia that allows you to sleep during the surgery, or intravenous sedation is given that has the same effect. Confirm with your surgeon the type of anesthesia to be used. The procedure itself typically lasts between one to three hours.  

Depending on your surgeon’s preferred technique and the reshaping to be performed, an incision will be made in one of three places. Incisions may be placed under your arms with a transaxillary incision, under your breasts with an inframammary incision, or around your nipples with a periareolar incision.

After the incision is made, a pocket is formed either under the pectoral muscle or directly behind the breast tissue. Your surgeon will insert the implant into this pocket and position it properly. The incision then will be closed with sutures, surgical tape, and/or skin adhesive.

When the surgery is complete, your breasts will be covered with gauze. Your surgeon may insert a small drainage tube to remove fluids that may collect around the surgical sites, but it will be removed within a few days. Your doctor may recommend a surgical bra or sports bra to reduce swelling and to support your breasts while they heal.

You will remain in the clinic, medical suite, or hospital until the anesthesia wears off and your doctor says you are ready to be discharged to your home, hotel, or another place to recuperate. It will be helpful to have someone with you to stay overnight or longer to make sure you are comfortable and help you when non-clinical needs.

Immediately after the surgery
After the procedure, your movement and physical exercise will be limited during the recovery and healing process. Your doctor will provide you with instructions about what you can and cannot do after the surgery.  

For one or two days after the surgery, your doctor may advise you to refrain from any activity, especially heavy lifting or physical exertion. Your breasts will be tender and sore for several weeks. Subtle swelling can persist for one to three months. It can take your body up to one full year to reach the final result, but the results of your breast augmentation will be visible immediately.

Some women feel uncomfortable talking about their surgery, believing there is some stigma attached to cosmetic surgery. Others are willing to share their experiences. While you should take at least one and possibly two weeks out of your busy schedule, it is completely up to you whether you reveal your choice about improving your cleavage or you let family and friends guess why you are looking better. Receive the compliments with a mysterious smile or tell people about your adventure—your choice.

Maintenance and issues to consider
Breast enlargement requires that you conduct regular self-examinations to evaluate the condition of your implants and your overall breast health. Ask your doctor how to conduct proper breast self-examination so that you understand how to identify any problems that may arise.

Breast implants do have a limited life, and future surgery may be required to replace one or both implants. The implants may change shape and size over time. Corrective surgery may be required. Further, tastes change over time, and some women elect to have their implants removed for personal or aesthetic reasons.

If you have opted for silicone gel implants, your doctor will give you instructions about obtaining an MRI at regular intervals to ensure that the implants have not ruptured. A ruptured implant is a danger to your health and should be detected and addressed without delay.

Having breast implants may make it more difficult to have a mammogram taken properly; however, it is important that you receive regular mammograms. A good mammographer can take accurate X-rays so that a radiologist can accurately check your breast health.

Some women do experience discomfort or difficulty breastfeeding once implants are in place. Each woman must determine her own willingness to risk this problem if pregnancy is in her future.

Pregnancy, weight loss, and menopause can affect the appearance of breasts for all women, especially those with implants. 

Remember that larger breasts will impact your posture and may weigh more than your natural breasts. Some women are surprised that they have to reframe their posture to be able to stand up straight and be comfortable.

The results of breast augmentation should be long lasting, but they are not permanent. Do keep in mind that your body and breasts change over your lifetime, with or without surgery. Following your doctor’s instructions and living a healthy lifestyle can prolong the benefits of looking and feeling better.

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This information does not take the place of medical advice given by your doctor but is provided for general informational purposes only. Discuss the specific details of your treatment with your physician.

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Breast Augmentation: Tips For a Safe Recovery

So, you have made the decision to get a breast augmentation. You have
done your research found your surgeon and completed your consultation.
After a lot of planning and decision making, your day has come. It is
normal to look past the recovery process and imagine the actual results,
but you must be aware of the post-surgical recovery period. Taking your
doctor’s advice and taking good care of yourself will get you back to
your normal daily routine as soon as possible.

Recovery Time

The actual recovery time for any surgery varies from person to
person, and that is no different for breast augmentation. Most likely
you will experience a post-surgical recovery period of 24-48 hours plus a
period of 5 days where you will be advised to take it easy. It is very
normal for post-surgery patients to experience soreness and swelling for
a few weeks. Your doctor will give you various instructions about
caring for your body following surgery. However, be sure to ask your own
specific questions including those such as what kind of pain
medications, both oral and applied, stitches, dressing/ bandages, and a
timeline of when you can resume normal activity and exercise.

Following Surgery

Once you return and settle in your hotel, you will notice that your
breasts are a bit higher and firmer. This is to be expected and not a
cause for concern. Over time, usually, in about two months your breasts
will soften and settle. It is also worth noting that, while it is no
cause for concern, it is common for one breast to settle before the
other. More than likely your surgeon will advise you to apply ice packs
on your chest for the first 48 hours following surgery.

It is critical to keep the incision dry, do
not let any liquids or creams settle in the incision as it can cause
irritation and inflammation. During your recovery, you will be taking
antibiotics prescribed by your doctor, be sure to complete the entire
prescription. Check your temperature from time to time to be certain
that you do not have a fever, which could be a sign of an infection.

Avoid Strenuous Activity

It is common to want to get back to the daily routine right away, but
in order to have the best recovery, you should take it easy. Remember
to refrain from any kind strenuous activity for the first week after
your breast augmentation surgery. Avoid bending over or stretching for
at least one week following surgery. And, while it may be difficult,
sleeping in an upright position can assist in a faster recovery,
sleeping on your stomach is not advised for at least 14 days following
breast augmentation surgery. Exercising, such as weight lifting after
surgery is ill-advised for at least 4 weeks and it is good to get your
doctors opinion about when is the right time to resume such a routine.

Following your doctors, instructions very carefully are truly the
best thing you can do for yourself. Recovery from any surgery can be
unpleasant, but after the swelling and pain subside you can get back to
your daily life better than ever with a renewed sense of confidence.

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Deborah, New Zealand

deborah mcdonald 1

Procedure: Facelift.

Destination: Malaysia.

Hospital: Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre.

Surgeon: Dr Nasir.

I have undergone a mid, lower face and neck facelift as well as lower and upper eyelid surgery at the Beverly Wiltshire  Medical Centre in Kuala Lumpur,  which was organised through Gorgeous Getaways.

I was very apprehensive at first but researched the company to find out that it has a good reputation and the surgeon was highly qualified with many year’s experience.  I was also impressed by the before and after photos on their website.

I am 62 and  had been very unhappy with my appearance for a few years, in particular jowls and and under eye bags, not to mention the many wrinkles – all of which made me look older than I am.   So I decided to pluck up courage go ahead with the surgery and I’m so grateful that I did.   My face is now smooth and my eyes are more open – I actually have eyelids now!  I have a much fresher look and don’t look tired all the time. I’ve received many compliments – thank you Dr Nasir!

The after care was also amazing as was the hotel we stayed in, which was recommended to us by Gorgeous Getaways.

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Gorgeous Getaways to anyone contemplating cosmetic surgery.  

I would like to make a special mention of Kumari who took excellent care of me post surgery and also Augustine, our driver. Nothing was too much trouble for either of them and we came home feeling we had made some special friends. 

IMG_1002 (002)
IMG_1001 (002)
IMG_1007 (002)
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5 Safety Precautions to Follow After Breast Lift Surgery

Medical science offers us not only life saving cures, but solutions to other conditions that may not be about curing diseases. If you are not happy with your physical appearance, cosmetic medicine can help you change your looks and get a better body. However, people often tend to pay little attention to the various factors that relate to appearance enhancement procedures like breast lift surgery. While cosmetic medicine has become more affordable over the past few years, it is also important to know the limitations and challenges of such surgical procedures.

In the last decade, breast augmentation has become increasingly popular in India because it is a well known cosmetic procedure. Since it hardly involves complications; people tend to think that this is an easy process to enhance your looks. In reality however, there are various precautions necessary even with the simplest cosmetic procedures.

Let us look at 5 important safety precautions that one needs to follow after breast lift surgery –

#1 – Your Physical State: Any responsible doctor will make you undergo a number of tests before you undergo surgery. This includes tests for diabetes which hamper with the healing process. Even though cosmetic procedures involve limited surgical intrusion, you body’s physical ability to heal after this kind of surgery has a lot to do with the end result.

#2 – Post Surgical Care: There are quite a few months of necessary post operative care even after a simple procedure like breast lift surgery. While this does not mean hospitalization and a lot of medical care, you will need to wear special pressure garments to help your body retain a proper shape during the healing process. Be prepared to face a few months of discomfort for such a surgical procedure to be a complete success!

#3 – Losing Weight: One of the more critically important factors after breast lift surgery is to keep active and fit. If a patient gains excess weight after this kind of medical procedure, the fat will tend to start accumulating in other areas which have not undergone surgery. Make sure that you follow a proper diet, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

#4 – Exercise and Fitness: The best cosmetic surgeons will tell you how special exercises and a proper fitness regime is important for recovery after cosmetic surgery. You can ask your doctor for references to specialist trainers who will help you do the right kind of exercises that help give your breasts the right shape.

#5 – Future Consultation: Many patients tend to think that cosmetic medicine is a onetime procedure, and there is no need to consult the doctor afterwards. If you undergo breast lift surgery (or any kind of cosmetic surgery for that matter); it is important to visit the doctor a number of times. This future consultation is vital even if you have no complications after surgeryArticle Search, so that the doctor can verify that you are healing well!


What to Expect After You Have Male Breast Reduction Surgery

The choice to have male breast reduction surgery can be a good one if you are a man who has enlarged breasts that you are very self-conscious about. This condition, known as gynecomastia, can be very distressing to a male. If you keep your shirt on at the beach for fear of what other people will say or think then having the plastic surgery procedure can make you feel so much better about how you look. If you do go ahead with the male breast reduction operation then there will be a recuperation period afterward that comprises a normal aspect of the healing process. While no two patients of this surgery will necessarily have all of the same after effects, it is normal to experience bruising and swelling following the operation. The bruising may be minimal or it may be much more intense. This varies from one person to another. It may start out as one color and then change to another color, and maybe even yet another color. You may notice that the intensity of it will increase over the first three to four days after the male breast reduction procedure. It will then gradually begin to lessen and will turn a yellowish color before it fades altogether. It may take up to two to three weeks to fade completely. You should not expose your chest to the sun during the first week or two after you have been operated on. If you do then you open yourself up to the potential for permanent discoloration of the skin. If the area around the incision site swells then it may be diffuse in nature or it may be more localized. If the swelling you experience is diffuse then you can treat the area gingerly and use cold compresses for the first two days after the reduction operation and then warm compresses after that. If you experience a minimal amount of swelling that is localized then you really require no treatment for it at all. What you need to do is to make sure that you follow the instructions that you were given by the plastic surgeon. If you experience severe swelling following the procedure, such as a hematoma or a seroma then you should seek immediate medical attention. Extreme swelling around the breast is a sign that there is a problem. Do not delay in calling the doctor for help.

After male breast reduction surgery takes place you must remain at home and keep yourself in a restful state for the first three to fours days post-op. You do not necessarily have to lie in bed for days but you cannot carry on with your regular day-to-day activities. You can sit in a chair in your living room and watch television or movies or sit and read a book but you must only do things that are restful and relaxing and do not require a great deal of movement. Your wounds need adequate time to heal.


Nikki & Paula’s Cancun Cheat Sheet

pic nikki and paula

1. Flights

We checked with major Airline companies like Air New Zealand, Qantas and a few others and found Google Flights this is where we found return flights from Wellington(NZ) to Cancun from just under $2,000 NZD with United Airlines who code share with both Air New Zealand and Qantas. So for us it is 3 flights ..Wellington – Auckland – Houston – Cancun and just under 22 hours

Melbourne to Cancun:

melb to can

Sydney to Cancun:

syd to can

Brisbane to Cancun:

bris to can

Perth to Cancun:

perth to can

London to Cancun:

london to can

2. VISA and ESTA

Visa and ESTA – Application form for the USA Visa Waiver Program ESTA stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorization. ESTA is an online application system developed by the United States government to pre-screen travellers before they are allow to board an airplane or ship bound for the United States. Starting on January 12, 2009, any person entering the United States under the visa waiver program is required to hold an approved ESTA Travel Authorization. List of Countries
You can apply for your ESTA Transit here  – if you are travelling with another person you can apply for a Group Of Applications. If you select this option you will need to nominate 1 person to be the main contact,  This is what Nikki and I did

3. Accommodation

All situated in Downtown Cancun and just 45 minutes from Cancun International Airport –

La Quinta $90.00 USD per night has microwave oven and mini fridge and buffet breakfast.  It is located in downtown and at 5 mins. walking distance to Las Americas Mall.

Extended Suites $90.00 USD per night has a full kitchen and continental breakfast, it is located in downtown and at 5mins. walking distance to Cumbres Mall.

Four Points by Sheraton $160.00 USD per night pet friendly and has mini fridge and buffet breakfast.  It is located in downtown and at 10mins. walking distance to Las Americas Mall.

4. My Medical Vacation VIP Package

My Medical Vacations VIP Inclusions: These are the inclusions in our pricing for the VIP Patient Service Package

  1. Medical/Nursing/Anesthesiology Fees
  2. Hospital / Clinic stay (1 day or night)
  3. Compression Garment(s) 1 per area
  4. Pre Op Consultation with Surgeon
  5. Post Op Follow Up Appointments 
  6. Private Airport Transportation (Pick Up/Drop Off)
  7. All ground transfers to Medical Appointments
  8. Preoperative Medical Tests
  9. Lab Tests (Complete Blood Count / Hematic Biometry, PT, PTT, Platelets, HIV, Albumin)
  10. Electrocardiogram (If the patient is 40 years+)
  11. Chest X-Ray if requested by the doctor
  12. Medication
  13. Antibiotics
  14. Pain Medication
  15. Anti-inflammatory medication
  16. Nurse Service
  17. 1 Hospital Night shift if needed
  18. Daily Visit to accommodation in Cancun Area
  19. First Class Concierge Service
  20. Assistance to all medical appointments
  21. Assistance with translation
  22. Patient Itinerary
  23. First contact in case of emergency

Once the patient books with their deposit, we immediately introduce them to Betty Corona, our Head Concierge who starts working in their itinerary, from flights, to appointments for bloodwork tests, cardio, pre-op consultation with the Dr.

Private transportation picks them up at the airport and takes them to the hotel to start the journey as per itinerary.  Operations takes care of all the ground transfers and also take them to the supermarket to get some food for the next days.

On the day of the surgery they pick the patient up at the hotel and take her to the hospital and our nurse stays on-duty that night to take care of any needs, and also to help with the language barrier. Later on, a daily visit is performed by our nurse to the hotel, and our concierge is on call 24/7 for any emergency or anything they may need.

Post op consultations with the Dr are included as well, for a perfect full recovery, and once they are discharged to go home, private transportation takes them to the airport.

Then we follow up for the next 3 months that everything goes fine, and let them know that we are available at all times for anything they may need.


Leanne Beecher

Procedures: Breast Reduction with Lift, Hip to Hip Tummy Tuck. Hospital: Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Surgeon: Dr Jalil.

Pullman Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Leanne had been considering a procedure with Gorgeous Getaways for six years, after a recommendation from a work mate. And after loosing 52 kilos with the help of sleeve surgery, she booked in for her tummy tuck and breast reduction in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

After the sleeve surgery Leanne felt the procedure was even more of a priority, with a lot of loose skin left over after such an extreme loss of weight. Although Leanne was at a healthy, and ideal weight she still couldn’t get below a size 16 in pants because of her extra skin. And at a size 14 DD, buying bras was proving to be just as challenging.

This procedure was something Leanne was doing purely for herself…

“All my life I’ve been a single parent looking after my kids, now they’re grown up it’s time to do something for me. It’s quite selfish- and I’m liking it!”

Along for the ride was Leanne’s daughter, who went as a support person, but also as a trail run for herself as she too has undergone sleeve surgery, and lost a huge amount of weight, just like her mum.

Leanne and her daughter at client get together Kuala Lumpur




“I’m feeling fine about the trip, with my daughter along it will be just like being at home- only with better food!”





We spoke to Leanne while she was recovering at the Pullman Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. She was surprized at how comfortable she felt in a hospital far away from home…

“The staff were fabulous, I thought they would be completely different from me but they weren’t, they understood everything and I felt really relaxed, not leaving hospitallike I was thousands of miles from home”.

IMG_0271Client manager Kumari went above and beyond to make Leanne feel comfortable, visiting regularly, even on days she wasn’t working, and introducing her to other Australians and New Zealanders who were travelling with Gorgeous Getaways.



Left- Client get together KL

Right- Leanne leaves hospital

Untitled design (1)
10 days post surgery


Leanne and her daughter were able to enjoy a bus tour to take in the sights, building up to it with a few short shopping trips where Leanne could  stop anytime at a café for a rest, or just grab a taxi home.

The most important thing she learned about being away from home was to keep up communication with loved ones. Buying a sim card as soon as she arrived meant that she was always connected, and less like she was thousands of miles from home and more like she was just down the road!

Six weeks after the procedure, we spoke to Leanne at home and reveling in all the positive attention!

With a new haircut to complement her new shape, even workmates and friends have a hard time recognizing her. She’s confidently buying clothes and pretty bras off the rack without just looking for a practical solution, and good support. She’s also realizing just how her breast size was affecting her pre-surgery…

leanne before
Before surgery

“I didn’t realize until after the procedure, that because of my larger breast size, back spasms were a part of my daily life. I

don’t have to deal with that anymore!”

Leanne’s recovery is going as planned and she’s healing well, her stomach is still numb but she’s aware that it can take up to 18 months to get sensation back to that area. She’s had no problem getting back into her hectic life. She talks fondly of her surgeon…

“Dr Jalil was great, he made me feel so relaxed and would stop in every day to see how I was. He was genuinely interested in me and my daughter, and how we were enjoying our experience in Malaysia”

leanne after
leanne 3 months after surgery



And looking back, she marvels at how many people are too scared to go overseas for surgery.

“You only ever hear the horror stories, never any of the good ones like this. I’m spreading the word and now, after seeing my results, a bunch of my friends want to go over too!”



 Click here for more information on body lifts after extreme weight loss.

Click here for your own personalized query. 







Procedure: Gender Reassignment Surgery, Breast Implants. Hospital: Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute. Surgeon: Dr Sanguan

april 1


After many years of considering the procedure, April decided it was time to take the plunge and travel to Phuket for Gender Reassignment Surgery with Dr Sanguan. With her mother along for support, April embarked on one of the most psychologically and physically challenging journeys of her life.

The recovery from Gender Reassignment Surgery is a long one, and April’s is not over yet. We capture the first stage of her journey here, and will update her case study along the way…

Back home in Sydney April talks about why it took this long to commit to the procedure. She explains that it took longer than it would now, with all the resources and knowledge available.

And as for the procedure itself, her experience with Dr Sanguan was excellent.

“Dr Sanguan is a fantastic, you wouldn’t find a doctor, let alone a surgeon like that in Sydney. He’s just the nicest man you’ve ever get and gives you honest opinions. He was always available”.

Breakfast with Amber_171217_photo
Breakfast in Phuket with Client Consultant Victoria


Her accommodation at the Duangjitt Open Resort in Patong was everything you would imagine a tropical holiday to be. With immaculate gardens, a phenomenal swimming pool and no traffic noise- which is rare in the middle of Patong!

After the surgery, although aesthetically not drastically different, she’s standing taller, and everything seems a bit tighter and trimmer having lost a fair bit of weight while in Phuket.

“The Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute was fantastic, it’s beautiful, the staff are lovely they treat you like royalty. I’m happy with the outcome, I couldn’t have asked for anything more”.




The healing process after Gender Reassignment is not over for April, and we will check in with her again soon!


Click here for more information on Gender Reassignment Surgery.

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Catherine Elliot

From: Queensland, Australia. Procedure: Vaser Liposuction, Tummy Tuck. Hospital: Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute, Phuket, Thailand. Surgeon: Dr Piyapas.

10 weeks post surgery.

After birthing three children, and multiple abdominal surgeries, 54 year old Cathy was left with a sagging stomach that could not be worked off, or dieted away.

With an already compromised mid- section, Cathy underwent major surgery and a steroid drug regime that saw her gain an additional 40 kilos. Cathy worked hard to shed the extra weight but again found that the sagging stomach remained. She was successfully able to lose most of the extra weight through diet and exercise but the sagging stomach still remained.

So once she had thoroughly researched the procedures, the hospital and the surgeon online she booked her surgical getaway with Gorgeous Getaways for a tummy tuck and vaser liposuction at Phuket Plastic Surgery Clinic.

Choosing Gorgeous Getaways over other companies that provide the same procedures, was down to service. Receiving prompt replies from the start and being treated with genuine care went along way to putting Cathy at ease.

Because of her previous surgeries, she went into her procedures with realistic expectations knowing that there would be pain involved initially, and that recovery could take up to 6 months.

Click here for more information on the tummy tuck procedure.

Cathy opted for the less invasive Vaser liposuction, rather than the traditional cannula method. Vaser uses ultrasound technologies to first liquefy fat, and then remove it from the body to promote smooth results and rapid healing with only low to minimal pain.

“the staff at the Phuket Plastic Surgery Clinic were professional and efficient, it made me feel at ease with the whole experience”

After the procedure Cathy choose to recover at the Novotel Phuket Resort, which exceeded expectations. The 24 hour room service was exactly what she needed when she arrived back from hospital, and the facilities available included a beauty spa where Cathy took full advantage pampering herself with massages and facials.

Almost a month after the procedure Cathy explains that she wasn’t concerned about any aspect of the procedure. Her surgeon was upfront and told her that it would take a couple of months to heal and at least 4 months before she would see the results. But not even a month post-surgery, Cathy is already extremely happy with what she sees.

Client get-together in Phuket

“It was perfect. My GP back home believes he did an excellent job, that the incision was perfect”.

The sensation of finally having a flat stomach took a bit of getting used to! Cathy says that she wasn’t expecting to come back a size 10, but has already gone from a size 16 to just under a size 14.

“Everybody involved was excellent, the whole experience was very good. I choose Gorgeous Getaways because of the service. For me, being an older person, customer service is key”.

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Cathy- tummy tuck & vaser liposuction


Nicola Ball

Untitled design (7)

Procedure: Tummy Tuck, Vaser Liposuction, Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift. Hospital: Yanhee International Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand. Surgeon: Dr Suthat.

After losing a massive 40 kgs, and keeping it off for three years, Nicky still found herself hiding away under loose outfits. The struggle of weight loss was over, but the loose skin that remained was impossible to lose without surgery.




“I know all the loose skin is just an achievement, but it would be nice to see it go”

Nicky had been contemplating a Tummy Tuck for years, but didn’t know where to start. When she came across a weight loss web site and read about other woman having surgery through Gorgeous Getaways, she decided to contact us.

With the help of Client Consultant Nikki, she booked her trip, and was soon on her way to Bangkok, Thailand for three major procedures: a Tummy Tuck, Breast Augmentation and Lift, and Vaser Liposuction. Although she was travelling alone, and unsure of the outcome, she was excited about shedding her old skin and gaining the confidence she deserved.

An excited Nicky arrives in Bangkok, and catches up with International Client Manager Paula at the Riverine Apartments.

The day of her procedure, Nikki meets with her surgeon and afterwards knows exactly what to expect from her procedure, the nerves are now kicking in!

Tired and a bit sore, Nicky tells us how she’s feeling after a long stint in the operating theater- 8 hours!

Day 4 & 5- Nicky is undergoing oxygen treatment to help with swelling and healing….

Day 7- Nicky is back at the Riverine Apartments, this is the beginning of thirteen days of recovery before heading back home to NZ…

riverine apartments 1
Riverine Apartments.

View from Nickys apartment.

Day 8- Nicky is gaining independence, taking her first walk down to reception…

Day 9- it’s the little things that you really appreciate after being in hospital. Like clean hair! Nicky takes a trip to the salon…

Nicky returns to the hospital to have her bandages removed and see her new body for the first time!

Untitled design (8)

Untitled design (9)









Untitled design (10)

Untitled design (11)










Untitled design (12)

Untitled design (13)









Untitled design (15)

Untitled design (16)

Day 17- Nicky’s trip to Bangkok will soon be coming to an end, so her and Kael get out and about to see some city sights and do some shopping.

This is Nicky’s last post from Bangkok. She’s spent another day out sight seeing but is looking forward to getting home.

8 weeks post-surgery, and Nicky is back home with her family in Whangamata. Having a flat stomach is a surreal experience, and she’s keen to show it off to all of her friends who are quiet envious of her transformation.

“Its quiet impressive, all my clothes can be tucked in and I don’t have to wear loose outfits! You can just see straight down and I absolutely love it!”

Nicky reminisces on the time that she spent with Gorgeous Getaways Bangkok Client Consultant Kael, as well as the drivers that took her to and from the hospital, the apartment and the airport.

“The best thing is now I have a whole different mind-set. I’ve picked up a lot of confidence, I never wanted a bikini body but I could easily wear one, it’s impressive!”

Shopping is a brand new, and exciting experience. Nicky is now able to buy, and wear clothes that she would never have contemplated wearing pre-surgery.

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nicky natural pics
12 weeks post surgery.

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