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Before and after – Dr Nasir: Breast Augmentation & Abdominoplasty

Profession: Marketing Manager
Age: 35
Country: Australia
Procedures: Breast Augmentation & Abdominoplasty

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Background – I have thought about plastic surgery for several years & started to seriously look into my options 12 months ago. I have probably wanted to have a Breast Augmentation since I was a teenager but more so since I gave birth to 3 very large boys. I did a lot of research on the internet & spoke with family members who had also had surgery overseas. The quotes I received for surgery in Australia were up to $30000 which was well beyond my budget.

Decision – I had talked about having plastic surgery for so long & considering I have finished having children & I’m 35 years old that now was the time to do it. I have always been a very small B cup & lost a lot of volume from breast feeding. I didn’t have a large stomach but it was shriveled up from stretch marks. My Stomach was destroyed from carrying twins & I really hated it. I decided to go with Gorgeous Getaways mainly because I had heard more about them than other companies. They seemed to have a good reputation & I knew people who had had surgery through GG & were happy with the experience.

Your first impressions upon arrival and your surgery – I was immediately surprised & impressed by my Hotel. It was far better than I had imagined. The GG Staff were very thorough & helpful. The Hospital was amazing. It was 5 star. I had a lovely room that was very comfortable. The Nursing Staff were fantastic & took such good care of me. Dr Nasir was excellent & gave me all the information I needed to make an informed decision on what I wanted. He explained everything in detail & I was very confident in his abilities. I was extremely nervous before the surgery & the Nurses were very kind & reassuring. I felt surprisingly good after the surgery. My pain was managed very well. I had a late surgery so I stayed 3 nights before being discharged.

Recovery & Holiday – I was showered with help in the hospital the day after the surgery. I was able to get up & walk around unassisted on the second day. I travelled by myself so back atthe Hotel I was fairly mobile because I had to be. I left the Hotel for a couple of hours 6 days after surgery. A week after the surgery I did a day tour with some other GG clients. I stayed 2 weeks in total & spent the second week shopping. I found getting around Kuala Lumpur very easy. The GG staff were great in recommending places to go & organising activities for us.

New & positive life changes – I am now 3 weeks post op & I am wearing my compression garments. My stomach has healed up wonderfully & the scar looks better everyday. I am still quite tender but I have resumed most of my daily activities. I am thrilled with my Breasts. I am very happy with the size & shape. I am looking forward to getting out of the compression garments & shopping for new clothes. It’s so nice to be able to fill out a dress without wearing a padded bra.

Recommendations – I highly recommend the Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre. Dr Nasir was very professional & accommodating. I definitely recommend wearing the compression garments. My swelling went down significantly in the third week. Don’t take all your credit & bank cards out with you & keep your bag close to you at all times. Going through GG made the whole process so easy. They took care of everything & were very happy to assist in anyway. I have recommended GG to others. I am so happy with the whole experience & so glad I made the decision to just do it!

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Before and after – Dr Nasir: Lower face lift, neck lift, upper and lower eyelids, hip to hip tummy tuck

Fantastic before and after images and case study from another happy client! If you’re interested in more information on our holiday packages please click our ENQUIRE NOW tab at the top of the blog which will redirect you to our website.

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Before and After Breast Augmentation – Dr Jalil

Profession: Administration
Age: 32
Country: Australia
Procedures: Breast Augmentation
Surgeon: Dr Jalil
Cost of surgery holiday: $9700

Background: “When I became pregnant with my first daughter in 2007, I read a ‘Gorgeous Getaways’ article in a magazine at the doctor’s surgery. Straight away I realised that this would be the perfect option for me and as I read each paragraph, I got more excited! But I made a promise to myself that I would wait until I had finished having my children as I didn’t want anything to interfere with the chance to breastfeed them (as it turns out, the surgery had no impact as I still have a milk supply today).”
“I knew breast surgery was my only option as years at the gym had shown me that I could improve every area of my body except my chest. Years of breastfeeding had depleted what little size I had and no matter what I ate or what exercises I did, that would never change!”
“We attended one of Gorgeous Getaways information evenings which was where we 100% knew that this was the right decision for us. We had the chance to talk to women who had been there and done it! We saw the results in person and the full room made me feel confident in Gorgeous Getaways and their services. After that night, any nerves and uncertainty I had melted away and I booked my surgery holiday the next day!”
“The nursing staff couldn’t have taken better care of me, they genuinely cared about my comfort and at one point when I was not feeling well after surgery, the nurse helping me was visibly sad to see me unwell. She immediately did everything she could to make me better again. And the hospital, I should say ‘hotel’, was unbelievable! Huge windows with views of everything happening outside, air conditioning you can control yourself, a wall mounted flat screen TV, sofa bed for your family to sleep over and a shiny, huge bathroom! I was a little sad to leave; it was an amazing place to spend the night!”
“The GG support staff were absolutely wonderful! There was continuous communication and if I needed to call them, they were always available and easy to contact. Christina came to pick me up from the hotel and made me feel so welcomed, she even had a present for me! I felt so special from the minute we were picked up from the airport till the minute we flew out!”
“Months on, I still get a thrill when I get dressed in the morning! Everything fits and looks great! All my old clothes have a new lease of life and I have confidence that can take me anywhere now!”
“The most important piece of advice I would say is to be as strong and healthy as possible. Also, be realistic with your expectations. You might see something you like but you have to remember you are a completely different person with different skin, genes etc.”
“I would recommend GG to everyone! The benefits of a surgery holiday are endless, no cooking/cleaning/running around doing everyday jobs. Because you are on holiday, you are relaxed and away from the stresses of normal life. But the biggest advantage of using GG is that you are looked after every second of the day. Every morning a nurse comes to check on you and if you have any concerns you can call a number of people to ask for advice. Your doctor and hospital is only a few kilometres down the road. Your family can also be a part of this life changing experience too! I have absolutely no regrets!”

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