Videoconferecing – HIPAA

Videoconferecing – HIPAA

A Necessary Tool for your Business or Practice

Video conferencing software and webinar services have extended beyond the board room, and are changing the way many industries interact and communicate with each other. As this technology becomes more available, more companies are adding web conferencing to their repertoire.

Secure Video Conferencing

You need to trust that your patient meetings are secure, in every sense of the word. Private information shared in your online web meetings and webinars should never be exposed, and your meetings should only ever be open to people you invite.

Taqtik Telehealth uses WebRTC and a suite of other features to offer a secure video conferencing experience. We give you the power to lock down your video conferences, ensuring only invited parties can participate, and encrypting all your data. Since there’s nothing to download, you never have to worry about malware or other vulnerabilities.

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